Some Great Places To Get Mesmerised In Mawsynram

Monsoons are for rejuvenation, enjoying the beauties of Nature and simply taking a step back from your hectic schedule and de-stressing. Rain lovers find solace in this exquisite place Mawsynram and maybe you will too. So when the rain gods are calling, it’s time to run away, far away from the maddening crowd and seek shelter amidst the falling raindrops of this beautiful land. Come, drench yourself with beautiful memories from a Mawsynram trip.

It is the perfect place to rejuvenate yourself in the lap of nature. The cool climate and rainfall at Mawsynram will tug at your soul and you will keep wanting to go back again.

Best Time To Visit Mawsynram

This paradise on earth is located in the East Khasi Hill district of Meghalaya. The tiny village is reputed for the huge formation of stalagmite that takes the shape of the Hindu God – Lord Shiva. One night in the village and you will see that the rains are so strong that the villagers need to use thick grass that will sound-proof their homes from the thunderous rains. Mawsynram is just three hours away from Shillong, the Meghalayan capital.

How To Reach Mawsynram?

So you can land in the Umroi Airport of Shillong and then reach this wettest place on Earth. When there are no direct flights to Shillong, then you can go via Guwahati airport. If you have some time and want to savour the beauty of nature, you can also reach Guwahati by train and travel farther by a bus. There are buses plying from Shillong and Guwahati that run through the neighbouring states which looks like places out of a picture postcard. The airport at Shillong is actually the nearest airport that takes you to Mawsynram.

Often, many tourists cover this distance of almost a hundred kilometres by a car. A three hour drive from the airport to Mawsynram will allow you to feed on the sights and sounds of nature. The weather is simply awesome. So, for those who do not have a direct flight to Shillong, you can just choose the one that lands in Guwahati and then drive for around 70 km to Shillong.

7 Beautiful Places that you must see!

Interiors of the Mawsmai caves

In the Mawsmai village you will come across the holy cave of the Khasis which is as long as 150 metres. For the explorers at heart, these caves are very easy to pass through. What an ideal place for cave diving too! So don’t miss a visit to the Mawsmai caves. Located only 6 kms away from Cherrapunji, these are some amazing cave systems dipped in mystery which are a real treat for cave explorers. Once you enter these caves you will feel transported to another land. The caves are well lit and the glistening lights add magic when they dance on the limestone. It is an experience that you will carry back home, when you stand inside the limestone caves and watch the scintillating play of lights creating magical hues.

1. Mawsmai Falls

Mawsmai Falls

Do not miss the Mawsmai Falls which are breathtakingly beautiful. Water rushes here atop the limestone cliffs of the Khasi Hills at a height of over a thousand feet. This is the fourth highest waterfall in India and is a waterfall that has seven segments. The Mawsmai Falls are a little away from Mawsynram and are a major tourist attraction.

2. Nohkalikai

Another highest waterfall in India is Nohkalikai, just 5 kms away from Mawsynram. It is a spectacular sight to watch the water fall from a gigantic height of over 1000 feet. This natural spectacle is tucked amidst the beautiful evergreen rainforests of the Khasi Hills and flows with all its majesty into a lagoon. This place is surely a jewel in the crown of Meghalaya.

3. Maylyngbna

Maylyngbna is located 25 kms away and is known for its natural geyser as well as rich fossils. There are very few places in India which host a natural geyser and this makes it a major tourist attraction.

4. Mawlynnong village

Monsoon at Cherrapunji

The Mawlynnong village is one of Asia’s cleanest villages. Do not miss the chance to have lovely home-cooked food with the locals. The best part is that these vegetables are all organically grown. The meat too comes from the birds and animals which are reared in-house. You must taste the pork tossed in greens and bell pepper, freshly cut and smoked banana flowers or the “Jadoh“ which is an exotic dish containing rice and meat.

5. Tungrymbai

If you are a vegetarian, do try out the Tungrymbai which is a plate of fermented soybeans and bamboo leaves stirred with local spices. During festive times which is during Behdienkhlam in July, you get to see the culture of this quaint place very closely. I had heard lots about the Nongkrem Dance Festival and had visited during the autumn break. It was a wonderful experience to sit and eat with the Khasis and take part in their local customs. The children of the Khasi tribe bear their mother’s surname and the mother passes down the wealth that is there in the family to the youngest daughter.

6. Root Bridges of Mawlynnong

You will be awestruck by the root bridges of Mawlynnong. These living root bridges have earned the name of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Do not come back without having a look at them hanging on a river. The gigantic roots of a single rubber tree connects to another and is a unique natural phenomena.

7. Cherrapunji

One of the famous places of  North-East, which you must not miss is Cherrapunji which is the second wettest place on earth. This is the only place in India where it rains all throughout the year .This beautiful town of Cherrapunji also referred to as Sohra and Churra is only 15 km away from Mawsynram. Sitting in the homestays with a hot cup of tea in hand while the rain dances on the roof is a wonderful memory that you will cherish forever.

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Go back drenched with exotic memories

Living Root Bridges

Not only the beauty of the land, but the simple lifestyle of the people made me carry back some wonderful moments. While some memories were captured behind the lenses, there are thousands more which I carry in my heart. So, go ahead and plan a trip to one of the wettest places on Earth and let the experience wash away the vagaries of your daily grind.

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