5 Reasons Why One Should Definitely Visit Meghalaya In The Monsoons
Cherrapunji-5 Reasons why one should definitely visit Meghalaya in the monsoons

You remember that plan you backed out of because your idiotic friends planned it during the freaking monsoons? Stupid right! No one in the right mind plans a trip during the monsoons. As the whole point of being on a trip, which is being outside, becomes null when it is raining cats and dogs. But what if you were to find a place which only gets better in beauty during the monsoons? What if you find a place which dares you to explore it during the monsoons? Ever heard of Meghalaya? Of course you have. That god forsaken place where it rains all through the year, which is why you actively avoided going on a trip there? But think about it, what is the meaning of the name of the place? The term Meghalaya means ‘abode of the clouds’. So you have a general idea that there must be a good reason for the locals naming it so. The thing is Meghalaya looks great when it is not raining. But when it is raining, it resembles a little piece of heaven which has somehow been forgotten on the hilly north eastern region of India.

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Top 5 Reasons To Visit Meghalaya In Monsoon

Monsoon in Meghalaya is a magical experience. Now that we have convinced you that a trip to Meghalaya during the monsoons might not be entirely wasteful, we would quickly look at a few reasons to visit Meghalaya during the monsoons. One thing is for sure, after you finish reading this, you are going to definitely start planning your trip before the monsoons end.

1. The boisterous and flamboyant Elephant Falls

Elephant Falls tourist sites is known as one of the most picturesque places the region has on offer. The Elephant Falls derive their name after some British soldiers ‘discovered’ it along with a rock which curiously resembled an elephant. Even though the rock is no more due to an earthquake of 1897, the waterfalls are still as beautiful as before. The original name by which the waterfall is indigenously known, is Ka Kshaid Lai Pateng Khohshiew which means ‘three step waterfall’. This name refers to the three steps of the waterfalls which form a curious step formation as the water gushes down.

During the monsoons, the water flow increases manifold which leads to the ballooning up of the falls as mist from the falls engulfs the whole area, giving it a magical appearance. Along with the rain clouds looming in the sky and the forests all around and the ensuing mist, you sure wouldn’t be able to decide what to look at and what not to. In short, this is an absolutely magical experience which you can only have during the monsoon season.

2. The enthralling Laitlum Canyons

Laitlum Canyons-5 Reasons why one should definitely visit Meghalaya in the monsoons

The places in Meghalaya do have very apt names as we saw previously in case of the real name of Elephant Falls and the name of Meghalaya herself. As usual the name Laitlum Canyons is no less apt as the literal translation of Laitlum is ‘end of hills’. And doing absolute justice to its name, the Laitlum Canyon boasts of an insane drop as the hills on both sides end abruptly. The beautiful amphitheater shaped valley fills with plush greenery during the monsoons. The 3000 steps from the nearest market to the Rosong Village are filled with an action packed ride to the top as the beautiful mountainous scenes on both sides combined with the downpour and ever present clouds are bound to make you see nature in an entirely different light altogether.

The view from the Rosong Village of the valley downhill is going to leave you grasping for breathe as its effervescent beauty is powerful enough to make even a stone-hearted person pause and look twice.

3. Umiam Lake, houseboats and a cup of coffee by the window

Umiam Lake-5 Reasons why one should definitely visit Meghalaya in the monsoons

The lake of Umiam has an interesting legend behind it. The legend goes on to describe how two sisters started their journey from heaven to reach Meghalaya (yes you heard it right, so imagine how good Meghalaya is if someone is willing to sacrifice heaven for it) and on the way one of the sisters got lost. After searching long and wide for her lost sister, the other sister cried so much that the Umiam Lake came into existence. And the more important thing is the meaning of the name of the lake. In the local language, the name means ‘water of tears’.

The primary attractions of the Umiam lake are the house boating facilities. The amazing water of the lake and the mystic Khasi Hills provide the perfect surroundings to enjoy the beauty of the lake to the fullest. Add a cool drizzle and light breeze to it and you have the perfect environment to sit with your loved ones, have a cup of coffee and enjoy the view while reminiscing about your past memories.

4. The Batcave of India

Yes, you heard it right! In tourist circles, the Siju cave of Meghalaya is often referred to as the Batcave due to the abundance of the eponymous creatures living in the cave. So if you desire to become Batman, here is your golden opportunity, now all you need is to be as brave as Bruce Wayne. The reason why this cave is mentioned as a monsoon attraction is solely because of the Siju Cave being the originating source of most rivers in the region. Hence outside the cave you would find a number of rivulets which all look ethereal during the monsoons when they are brimming with water and flowing in the garrulous way mountainous rivers do.

The music of the rivers combined with the steady rhythm of rain would remind you of the rhythm of nature, the same one that John Keats found in a grasshopper and a cricket’s song.

5. The hanging root bridges which come to life

Elephant Falls-5 Reasons why one should definitely visit Meghalaya in the monsoons

This region is renowned for the hanging root bridges at various places over rivers and streams, which scientists have no idea about till date! The root bridges, sometimes even double deckered, are usually brown and woody in nature but during the monsoons they turn into an emerald green color due to the moss and lichen cover which grow on them, giving you a feel of a natural wonderland without the mad hatter to screw things up.

Convinced yet?

Of course you are. Who are you kidding? Get your trip planned at the earliest. And if you need any more reasons to visit Meghalaya in the monsoons just remember that the place also has the Mawsmai Cave, Balapakram International Park and many more tourist sites. But above all Meghalaya has the devilishly beautiful Khasi Hills with all its vibrant forest cover, making for an irresistible spectacle.

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