Top 3 Adventurous Things To Do In Honnemardu

Be it the hues of the bewildering lakes, the vibrancy of rich wildlife, sprawling meadows, unending waterfalls, spell-binding views or ruins of ancient Hindu temples, Karnataka can charm anyone with its multitude of stunning places to visit. Few places in India can compete with its raw wilderness, absolute tranquillity, and the air of mystique. In the shadow of the heritage sites, Karnataka is home to some of spectacular lakes in India. The vast expanse of water is surely a treat to watch and its calm and tranquil surroundings have a very soothing effect on the mind. One such lake that is on the itinerary of every tourist is Honnemardu: Ideal Location For Picnic. Honnemardu, also known as “Sharavati Back Waters” is small hamlet by the Honnemaradu Lake cum Reservoir, and is like a live amusement park with ample water sports, just without any boundaries.

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Honnemardu: Ideal Location For Picnic

The snug village, having been engulfed in 1964 by the Liganamakki Dam, has been literally resurrected today. Nestled beautifully in the lush\=-greenery of the Western Ghats on one side and huge water on the other side, it is a nature lover’s paradise and a haven for water sport enthusiasts and adventure fanatics. Honnemardu is an ideal destination for a family picnic and is close to a host of ancient temples in Karnataka and lush forests, which make for a multi-faceted trip. Encompassing an area of 350 square kilometres, the popular Honnemardu Lake is one of the most beautiful man-made lakes in Karnataka, and here you can see water as far as the eyes can behold and beyond.

Located on the Bangalore-Honnavar State Highway in the Shimoga District in north-west Karnataka, which is about 400 kilometres from Bangalore, it is flanked by numerous hills and hillocks in the region that got submerged in the waters today form the islands that stand majestically in the stupendous lake. The road that takes you to the place provides some amazing views of the hills that overlook the Linganamakki Reservoir. Honnemaradu can be visited at any time of the year, and winter because of the pleasant weather is highly preferred for travelling and visiting this paradise.

Still untouched by civilization, the waters here are pristine and the locals here guard this gorgeous verdant setting ferociously. From taking a boat-ride in the turquoise waters in Honnemaradu to enjoying various water sports activities like coracling, canoeing, kayaking, and wind rafting, there is no dearth to entertainment options while in this amazing destination. Camping is permitted in the island nestled in the middle of the lake. Swimming, photography or playing water volleyball followed by one of the most beautiful & thrilling trek in karnataka to watch sunset-views completed by camp-fires and parties are the perfect ingredients for making Honnemardu an ideal location for a picnic worth relishing. Make a prior booking at the resorts before planning a holiday and do find out what activities are available since it largely depends on water levels.

Top 3 Adventurous Things To Do in Honnemardu

  1. Bird watching
  2. Trekking and camping
  3. Coracling and Canoeing

 1. Bird watching


Honnemardu is an exciting place for bird watching, and you can easily sit by the banks and watch and listen to the chirping of countless species of native birds and butterflies that fly by. Spot the European bee-eater, fairy bluebird, ruby-cheeked bulbul fluttering around and orange-headed ground thrush, among others. Beautiful colourful butterflies such as red Helens, blue Mormons, blue bottles and stripped tigers offer a visual treat.

 2. Trekking and camping


The forest in Honnemardu is an ideal place for trekking and camping activities. The wilderness provides the perfect setting to explore the natural beauty of the place, and adventure enthusiasts can try their hands at tent pitching, gathering firewood for the night’s campfire and shelter building. Sitting near a bonfire and enjoying a simple meal or lying under the starlit sky and hearing the soft sound of the waves can enhance the charm of camping by several degrees. This activity tests the spirit of the adventure seekers and is quite popular here. The activities at Honnemaradu camp are managed by a dedicated team of nature enthusiasts called ‘Adventurers’ who also provide decent food and accommodation. The group provides a unique opportunity to explore, learn and enjoy rowing and sailing various types of boats, giving an amazing boating experience to manipulate in the shallow waters of the lake. Besides, it is also a great opportunity to capture the essence of the place and soak in the magnificent early morning light, a very calm sunrise and a beautiful sunset into the cameras.

 3. Coracling and Canoeing


Coracling and canoeing are exciting water-based activities that can be experienced at Honnemardu. A coracle is a round traditional boat that can manoeuvre in the deep waters, and accommodate small groups of 4 to 6 people. The unique fact about these boats is that they spin wildly in a circular motion while in water. Visitors can have a lot of fun while rowing across the water in a coracle to reach the islands on the river. A canoe, on the other hand, is an open decked boat that can accommodate just 2 people, and riding a canoe requires the skills of balance and coordination. It is often a preferred craft among aqua enthusiasts visiting Honnemardu, and visitors can enjoy the fun of riding a canoe during their visit to the place. The safety measures are adequate, so you can ride in these without worrying. Life jackets are provided to one and all, and it is mandatory to wear them if you want to get into the waters. One could spend the entire day just floating in the inviting water and relaxing.

 Travel Tips

Being a small village, all kinds of amenities are highly limited. Be sure to carry some medicines, warm clothes, ready to eat packed food items, swim-suits, sleeping bag, sunscreen and old cotton T-shirt and trousers. After which you will be set for an adventure like no other.

A trip to Honnemaradu will awaken the child in you, and though every tourist destination has a unique set of things to offer, Honnemaradu takes it a notch higher. Also, the site is set in the middle of a valley and a weekend getaway to this place is nothing less than an adventure camp. The wonderful weather, clear brisk air, the awe-inspiring views, and the adventurous activities attract hordes of tourists. The solitude and the quiet of the surrounding area is a soothing salve to one’s soul!


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