Process Outline

Renew Manageris an extremely flexible solution to convert your complex and unorganized recurring renewal process into simplified, flawless and organized management. Whether you choose the whole process to be automated or just want to set important dates, Renew Managerwill assist you to smoothly and efficiently manage your renewal items without any glitch.


Renew Managerenables you to create items of any type within seconds whether it is a certificate, permit, contract, agreement, license, tax payment or any items which require recurring renewals for your company.

Generate recurring renewal items of your choice. Manage any number of renewal items with a lot of ease usingtheRenewal Item Management panel.

SAdd basic information of renewal items including type, name, due date, amount, coverage period and authority. You will be automatically notified when a renewal due is imminent.

Opt for automatic creation of items depending on the renewal frequency of your choice.


Enables you to view the online calendar panel and to track the list of items with past due date, current due date and coming due date.

Renew Managerhelps you to have a clear view through the listing which displays renewal items that are coming due within defined time frames e.g. 30 days, 60 days, and further. It specifically highlights those items which are due within a short time or past due date to emphasize immediate attention.

You can always rely on Renew Managerto remind you which items are critical in nature. Such items are readily available to you for taking instant action.


Renew Managerprovides instant access to necessary item details such as renewal amount, renewal dates, type of license or certification, taxing authority, contacts and other crucial information for documentation purpose.

When an item’s renewal date approaches, you can select the respective item, view associated information and manage it in a hassle-free manner. Additionally, you can also generate new fields to enter other related information to cover all the necessary aspects.

Apart from this, you can upload required documents in their original formats to the Renew Managerwhich promotes centralization and enhancesthe efficiency of the whole system. It also makes your documents readily available for future use.


Notify concerned users for due renewals through email notifications and visual alerts

With Renew Manager, you can leave all your worries behind and get over with remembering important dates again and again. You can stay relaxed and focused on your key business operations as Renew Managermanages your recurring renewal items actively. Once you create an item and set the due date, you will be automatically notified when renewal comes due by visual alerts as well as by sending you email notifications at the schedule of your choice.


When you decide to pay, just click the item to renew and make the payment. You also have the option of generating a payment request for the authorized group of users and email the important information to other individuals.

Your items progress through the status workflow process right from creation to payment while allowing you to record all important information for future use and documentation.

Renew Managerfacilitates you with two options. You can either choose to manually create the next item with desired frequency or you can let Renew Managerhandle the next item in series automatically based on the previous or the desired item frequency.