Renew Manager is equipped with key features necessary and vital for flawless and effective recurring renewal process management. Here is a rundown of a few of its outstanding features:
  • Cloud-based solution and accessible through a web browser at any time.
  • Password protected login and privilege-based data access for security purposes.
  • Can manage any number of renewal items within duration defined by the user.
  • Visual reminders and email notifications to notify authorized users about the due date of renewal items.
  • Easy tracking of key information related to renewal items such as paying authority, invoice, history, etc.
  • Customized search, print, email and even export facility.
  • Instant generation of forms for check requests and other requirements.
  • Centralized and cloud-based storage of electronic documents for renewal items.
  • Instant access for documentation support.
  • Allows user to view and manage entire information as an administrator.

My Renewal Control Panel/Dashboard

  • 128-bit data encryption to safeguard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for making your sensitive information immune against breaches and attacks.
  • Filtered views for advanced and systematic search.
  • Instant access to items which are due for renewal within time horizon defined by the user.
  • Customized and summary views of items along with visual status indicators.
  • Highlight status of those renewal items which need immediate attention.
  • Option for emailing item information to others.
  • Option for exporting data to Microsoft® Excel®.
  • Easy and smooth navigation for all authorized items.

Renewal Item Management

  • Quickly manage and track renewal item details including status, renewal amount and due date.
  • Record all general details of the items such as name, type, coverage period, frequency, comments, etc.
  • Create and control customized fields for renewal items to capture required additional information for smooth tracking process.
  • Offers a complete view of the payment process by allowing you to manage invoice, payment, and other related information.
  • Allocation of accounting codes to track and obtain detailed payment reports.
  • Link and store electronic receipts and documents with items, which allows centralized access for supporting documentation in the future.

Automatic Reminders

  • Send email notifications to authorized users for items which require immediate attention and action.
  • Alerts users within any or all user-defined time horizons.
  • Offers the flexibility for users to decide when they want to receive notifications within which time horizons.