This gay couple chose their local store over exotic locales for their photo shoot

By Ashita Ahuja | Aug 5, 2019

You must have seen romantic photoshoots of couples amidst a forest, by a river, in the middle of the city’s hustle-bustle, in their backyard or probably at a breathtaking location. But, this couple wanted NOTHING of that sort. They wanted their photoshoot to take place at Target, a local store they often visited together.

Photographer Erica Whiting, lived up to their expectations and their photoshoot was nothing short of candid, fun, goofy, and as real as it gets! From sitting in the trolley, stacking up pizza boxes, and hiding behind plants, it looked like this couple was having the time of their life. They proved that it doesn’t take much to express feelings to your love interest!

 Aaron Damron and Tony Dipasqua have been together for five years now and got engaged back in December 2016. The lovebirds are all ready to tie the knot this New Year’s Eve.

Your screen is going to be full of cute, mushy and adorable pictures in 3…2…1

Images source: Erica Whiting Photography

With this, the couple has hit the target (pun intended) 😛

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